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The Beach intu Lakeside: A Children’s Paradise

The Beach intu Lakeside: A Children’s Paradise
Jan 20th, 6:02 am Admin

Is there anything a child longs for more in summer than a trip to the seaside? The thought of leaping across the sand and running through the water, of building sandcastles and digging holes in the sand, and the feeling of being out and about on a hot summer’s day is irresistibly exciting. But for parents, that perfect visit to the seaside usually means a stressful drive, some careful planning and a lot of hassle. Fortunately, at The Beach intu Lakeside, you can enjoy a seaside experience without any of that hassle!

Located by the intu Shopping Centre on West Thurrock Way in Grays, Essex, The Beach is a children’s paradise. The huge paddling pool, a variety of exciting rides, and tonnes and tonnes of soft, golden sand are a dream for kids. Children jump with joy when the same old trip to a shopping centre turns into an afternoon of fun. They can play games and build sandcastles all afternoon.

The sand is hauled in and there are no sharp pebbles and shells, so parents can sit back in a deckchair, safe in the knowledge that their children won’t come to any harm. Parents might even like to combine the visit with a trip to the shopping centre to save time and hassle. It really is the perfect day out for all the family!

For those who don’t enjoy playing in the sand so much, there are plenty of entertainment options try out. From fast-paced roller coasters and high-flying rides to exotic dancers and traditional shows, there is so much to do. Why not tuck into some of the delicious food at one of the many stalls or enjoy the refreshing taste of an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer’s day? The Beach intu Lakeside has all the ingredients for a fun day out.

We all know how difficult and time consuming it can be to arrange a trip to the seaside with the kids, but with The Beach intu Lakeside, children can enjoy a seaside surprise, not too far from home. We look forward to welcoming a host of excitable youngsters in 2017 and hope to give them an unforgettable experience. Join us this summer at The Beach intu Lakeside!

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