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The Best Of Both Worlds

The Best Of Both Worlds
Apr 26th, 6:05 am Admin

Every parent finds it a struggle to entertain the kids and get everything done at the same time. It is a real shame, but children just aren’t as interested in supermarkets and high street shops as we would really like them to be. They also don’t seem to enjoy long stints in the car, unless there is something to look forward to at the end of the journey, which usually involves a lot of activity and sometimes the need to mess around. The issue is that all these children’s venues, like farms and amusement parks are often far away from town centres and the places that parents need to go.

That is where The Beach intu Lakeside comes in handy. Located in the heart of Essex, at the intu Lakeside Shopping Centre on West Thurrock Way in Grays, this is the place where you can combine convenience with fun. This summer, bring the kids down to The Beach intu Lakeside and give them something fun to do and keep them entertained while you get your shopping done. Whether you want to treat the children to a post-shopping treat, or leave them to enjoy themselves while you run and pick up what you need, The Beach intu Lakeside will give you one less headache.

The Beach is a summertime amusement park, packed to the brim with rides, water and tonnes of sand, recreating that beach sensation in the heart of the city! In 2017, The Beach intu Lakeside is bringing even more sand to its shores, giving you loads of room to relax and tan, build sandcastles or just to enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes. Whether you’re here to relax, or enjoy a few rides, you will certainly enjoy The Beach intu Lakeside, and the kids will love it!

The Beach intu Lakeside gives you the chance to mix work and play at the same venue, conveniently located in Essex, so you don’t have to drive too far out of your way. There are fast-paced rides, child-friendly roller coasters, and even rides for toddlers. You will of course find the log flume and other water rides to cool you down in the summer sun. The huge paddling pool is another great feature for the kids and the perfect way to keep them entertained on a hot summer’s day.

So come on down to Grays this summer and check out The Beach intu Lakeside! We are looking forward to seeing you down here with your friends and hope that you can make the most of the warm weather and bask in the summer sun!

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